Herzog book launch – and family reunion!

On 7 November, held a launch event for the book Peder Herzog – The Book Binder Who Built, written by Per Dahl and published by Business History Publishing, for all living relatives of Peder Herzog.

The event was held in the research room at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, where decendents of Peder Herzog and Berhardina Linmansson were welcomed by our ceo Alexander Husebye to an evening moderated by our head of reserch Anders Houltz. Picture editor Jenny Stendahl told about her work in finding the images used in the book.  Several of them, for instance, came from the historical archives of Esselte, whose history originates with Peder Herzog’s first companies and whose archives today reside with us at the Centre for Business History.

Author Per Dahl followed with an account of both Peder Herzog’s life and of his own work in researching and writing the book.

Our head of communication Anders Sjöman closed with a reflection of what Peder Herzog, who more or less invented the printing industry in Sweden, might have done today, with print-on-demand and e-book solutions.

The evening then turned into a mingle with book signing by the author – and conversations between the Herzog relatives that never seemed to want to end.


Anders Houltz, head of reserch at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm.Photo Michael Folmer

Jenny Stendahl, archivist and picture editor for the Herzog-book. Photo: Michael Folmer.

Per Dahl, author of the book "Peder Herzog - The Book Binder Who Began to Build". Photo: Michael Folmer.

Anders Sjöman, head of communication at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm. Photo: Michael Folmer.

The book's project team, from left to right, seated: Patrik Sundström, art director, Jenny Bergman, project leader, Alexander Husebye, ceo Centre for Business HIstory and Helena Hegardt du Rées, publishing consultant. Standing: Jenny Stendahl, archivist, researcher and picture editor, Per Dahl, author and Anders Houltz, editor. Photo Michael Folmer

Book signing! Photo: Michael Folmer