“History of a Company” New episodes on Storytel

Out now: eight brand new episodes of “History of a Company” on audio book provider Storytel, exclusively written by us at the Centre for Business History. Eight new audiobooks that tell stories of companies, about ingenious entrepreneurs, brilliant business ideas and the -not always so straight- path to success.

The History of a Company is an audio book series, written by us, at the Centre for Business History exclusively for Storytel. It’s a series about ingenious entrepreneurs with big dreams and daring business ideas.  In the new episodes we meet, among others, one of our oldest industrial companies, the man who gave Sweden freedom of enterprise, a representative of the Swedish alcohol monopole and a suffrage fighter.

The eight new episodes presents the story of Saab, Systembolaget, the Nobel Family, Swedbank and the savings banks, Johan August Gripenstedt, Sofia Gumealius, Bruzaholm Bruk and Anna Whitlock.

In the previous episodes, you can learn about H&M, ICA, Ericsson, Clas Ohlson, Vin & Sprit, Saft, SF Studios and Electrolux. “The History of a Company” is narrated by Per Runhammar.