New anniversary site celebrates Clas Ohlson 100 year!

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On, you'll find 100 years of mail order catalogues from Clas Ohlson.

This year, mailorder company and retailer Clas Ohlson turns 100.  A new anniversary site, which the Centre for Business History built for Clas Ohlson, celebrates the centennial. It has the gadgets, people and stories from a century of activity. And to top it all, we digitized all mail order catalogues since 1918 and put them online for everyone to browse.

In 2018, retailer Clas Ohlson turns 100 year and a new site,, shares stories, pictures and facts from one of Sweden’s most beloved companies. The site also has all catalogues, from the start until today, which the company has issued every year since 1918.

– The gadgets and products in the catalogus shows how Sweden developed in the 20th century, from its agragrian roots until one of the world’s industrialized and digital nations. The products we’ve used tell us that story almost better than any history book, says Anders Landén from the Centre for Business History and the site’s main editor.

The site builds in part on the book Älskade prylar (“Beloved Gadgets”, Business History Publishing, 2017), which we produced for Clas Ohlson and realeased in early December.  (Read more about the book here and if you want to buy it, do it directly online from Clas Ohlson. Note: Book is available in Swedish only.)

Do you know your gadgets?

Flip right and see if you can recognize all. You’ll find more on

Disco ball (From catalogue 2002).

Steering wheel dresser. (From catalog 1964.)

Plastic farm animals. (From catalog 2014.)


Projektgrupp på Centrum för Näringslivshistoria för var:

Sajten formgavs av Louise Bååth, King Island Design.

Sajten byggdes av webbyrån Triggerfish med projektteam Therese Öberg (projektledare) och Sara Setterwall, Johan Möller och Per Lisshamre.