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SF Studios celebrates 100 with historical site

Legendary film company SF Studios celebrates 100 years in 2019. They asked us at the Centre for Business History to create an historical website that show cases some of their most pivotal and ground-breaking productions, based on brand new research into the archives which we host.

Sweden’s largest and most well-known film company, SF Studios, celebrates 100 years. The company’s history is impressive: more than 1,000 film productions, numerous Oscars and not the least some of the most well-known titles in film history. Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness, The Seventh Seal, the Emigrant-series and My Life As A Dog all came from SF Studios. This is also were Ingmar Bergman directed his first movies. When Bo Widerberg in the mid-1970s made The Man On the Roof an international success, he laid the foundation for today’s Scani Noir crime thrillers. And seven out of the ten Swedish movies that historically have drawn the largest cinema crowds in Sweden come from SF Studios.

All this and much more is presented on a new jubilee site that the Centre for Business History built:, The Site is bilingual English and Swedish.


Project team

The project team that built the SF Studios 100 years-site was:

The site was built by web agency Triggerfish, project managed by Therese Öberg.