We did the magazine 
Mäklarsamfundet 100 years

We made the centennial magazine for Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents. That’s 64 pages about how the real estate market, the brokerage business and society has changed over 100 years.

In 2019, Mäklarsamfundet (Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents) the largest industry association for Swedish real estate brokers, turned 100. Ever since its founding, the organization has worked to continuously professionalize the trade, with the fundamental new legislation of 1984 as a shining example. The organization has also ensured that the trade is taught at university level, just like it continuous to make its voice heard in societal and governmental affairs.

To celebrate its centennial, the organization tasked the Centre for Business History with research and editorial work. The end result: a 64-page magazine, showing all aspects of the industry’s development, which now has been sent to all individual members of the Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents.

Project team

The project team behind the magazine is:

  • Editor and project manager: Anders Landén
  • Image editor: Linda Israelsson
  • Art director: Åsa Kax Ideberg
  • Print: DanagårdLiTHO

Project manager at Mäklarsamfundet was head of communication and analysis Joakim Lusensky.