Welcome Inger Olausson!

Inger Olausson, researcher and senior lecturer at the Department of Cultural Conservation, University of Gothenburg, collaborates with the Centre for Business History as a part-time guest researcher.

Inger is conducting research about Swedish horticultural industry and market gardens – a new field of research that has taken shape the last 15 years. It captures a wide range of issues related to the field of horticulture, such as business management and entrepreneurship, work, cultivation systems, plant protection, technology, etc.

Inger Olaussson earned her doctorate at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 2014 with her dissertation on market gardens in Stockholm County 1900-1950 and has since among other topics researched horticulture’s plant protection from a historical perspective. As a visiting researcher at the Centre for Business History, she will especially study how and why the industry changed from being male dominated, with hardly any education opportunities for women interested in engaging in the profession, to becoming female dominated.

We warmly welcome Inger to the Centre for Business History!

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