Anders Houltz

Forskningschef, docent

Anders Houltz is Associate Professor in the History of Science and Technology and Research Director at the Centre for Business History. His doctoral dissertation, published in 2003, deals with inter-war period industrial display politics in relation to the Gothenburg Jubilee Expo of 1923. His research ranges from business history and industrial heritage to museum display and representation

Nordic Industrial Heritage Culture in the 2020s, part II: Citizens, communities and cultural heritage organizations

The Nordic-Baltic research network Nordic Industrial Heritage Culture in the 2020s, funded by NOS-HS, organized the second in a series of three workshops in Tampere/Tammerfors, Finland, under the theme: Citizens, societies, and memory organizations, March 24-26 2022.

Nordic Industrial Heritage Culture in the 2020s – A new Nordic-Baltic research collaboration

How has business globalization, digitization and relocation affected our understanding of industrial heritage culture? An international research group has been formed to discuss the relevance of industrial heritage in the information society, during three workshops.

The Centre for Business History is documenting the corona crisis

We are currently living through strange and historic times. The corona virus affects all levels of society, not least business and entrepreneurship. The consequences will be…

“Flying Panels”, new exhibition at ArkDes levitates heavily

We contributed to the exhibition “Flying panels – How concrete panels changed the world” at ArkDes in Stockholm.

New book: “Omvandlingar – Skandia 1990-2016”

Omvandlingar is a new book about Swedish insurance company Skandia, written by the professors Mats Larsson and Mikael Lönnborg. The book focuses on the insurer’s…

Project “Gendered spaces” at half time

The four-year-long project “Gendered spaces” (or “Bekönade rum”, in Swedish) began in the fall of 2016. It’s time for a half-time report.

Catherine Schenk, Oxford, about uses of the past

Professor Catherine Schenk from Oxford is project manager for UPIER, looking at the finance industry’s use of history.

New book: “The Battery Factory”

In a new book from our publishing house, Anders Houltz tells the story of the battery factory in Oscarshamn that started with a invention from 1899 to become today’s global enterprise.

ICA SBA 17: In 5 years, what will our main challenges be?

Is a “digital black hole” the main challenge to business archives? Anders Houltz summarizes the top five challenges identified at the ICA SBA conference.