We’re publishers now!

Since we at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm has increased our publishing activities to include digital and print-on-demand, it became time to become full publishers. So we just started our own publishing house: Business History Publishing (or Förlaget Näringslivshistoria in Swedish).

For many years now, the Centre for Business History in Stockholm has published books and reports, often in collaboration with publishing houses or using our own corporate name. Based on that experience and know-how, we’ve now taken the next natural step: this year’s Annual General Meeting formally decided to start our own publishing house: Förlaget Näringslivshistoria (or in English, Business History Publishing).

With our own publishing house we expand our offer and – and step into competition with other publishing houses. What we bring to the market is a unique combination of access to source material, experienced researchers and inviting writers. förlaget

First in line for publication is a book about Swedish-Chinese Business Relations, a book about Gustaf Dalén by Anders Johnson, the History of Vin & Sprit by Hans De Geer and the biography about Peder Herzog. A fascinating history about the immigrant who became the greatest printer of his time, written by Per T H Dahl.