We celebrate Alecta 100 – with site, films, podcasts and exhibition

During 100 years, the insurance giant Alecta, formerly SPP, has provided occupational pensions. In time for the company’s centennial, we help tell the full story with a historical website, an exhibition at the head quarters, an historical fil and three jubilee podcats. One story, many ways to tell it.

Alecta has been managing occupational pensions since 1917. Since the start, the company has been owned jointly by employers and employees, a rare solution. A lot has happened since 1917, but the company has developed with the times, never losing focus on the core assignement: to solve the pension issue and secure people’s lives after retiring.  

It is a story that is as current today as it was 100 years ago. We have always talked about how we can develop pension solutions, so that future generations can lead even better lives than today’s, once their working days are over, says Martin Hedensiö, head of commuinication at Alecta

We use our history just as much as a learning tool as a way to look into the future. That’s why we tell it in so many ways we can, both physically and digitally, says Steffanie Larsen, project leader at Alecta.

Alecta assigned us at the Centre for Business History to create:

  • A whole new historical web site,
  • An exhbition at Alecta’s head quarters for both visitors and coworkers.
  • A historical film about Alecta’s 100 years in 6 minutes, based on unique movies from the archives
  • A podcast series, “Alecta Jubilee podcast” jubileumspoddar, where senior Alecta staff meet etxternal penion experts to discuss pension systems yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Project group

The project group at the Centre for Business History was:

The project group established Alecta’s baseline history with verified fact from the historical archive of Alecta, which the Centre for Business History manages for Alecta since a number of years.

For the various story incarnations, we then enlisted:

For the film “The Safety Solution
That Changed Sweden”

  • Film producer Rolf Wrangnert
  • Script by Anders Sjöman, Centre for Business History
  • Voices: Eva Röse (as Ester Eriksson, Alecta’s first employee) and Magnus Billing (Alecta CEO since 2016)


  • Web agency Triggerfish with project team Therese Öberg (project manager), Valter Karlsson (developer) och Martin Eriksson (designer)
  • All text and images by Karin Jansson Myhr and Bodil Hasselgren from the project group at Centre for Business History.


For the jubilee podcasts

Listen to the pod on asset management over the years:

Listen to the podcast on the history of occupational pensions in Sweden:

For the exhibition at Alecta’s head office:

More images from the exhibition: