ICA turns 100 – online, on film and in jubilee magazines

This year, Swedish retail giant turns 100 years. We at the Centre for Business History help ICA celebrate this with four issues of the jubilee magazine ICAHUNDRED, with seven different historical films and by overhauling the historical website ica-historie.sen.  One history, many ways to tell it.

Update: Our magazine ICAHUNDRA #1 won the Swedish Design Awards 2017, category “B2B-paper”!  And our site won the Swedish Publishing Prize 2017, category “Informationsite, professional and industyr”. Our ICA-film and our ICA-magazine were also nominated in two other categories of the Swedish Publishing Prize 2017.

It’s been a century since Hakon Swenson started a wholesale firm – that the clients, the shops it delivered to, were invited to buy a stake in. This idea is what ICA celebrates in all ICA stores in 2017, with the campaign “ICA 100 years – and forward”.  But they also wanted to remind all ICA store owners, who together hold the majority of the central ICA Group, of their joint century long history.  So ICA asked us at the Centre for Business History to find five dominant themes that ran through the 100 years, and to tell that story.

ICA has an inspiring history, that we wanted to tell in as many ways as possible, says Mia Ravnborg, project manager at ICA-handlarnas Förbund.

During 2017, we at the Centre for Business History therefore produce:

  • Four issues of the jubilee magazine ICAHUNDRA, which is handed out to all ICA store owners and their staff, and to all ICA employees.
  • A historical film about ICA’s 100 years in 10 minutes.
  • Six historical short films, one for each ICA region.
  • An update both in form and content of the historical website

In addition, we will also, by assignment from the Hakon Swenson Foundation, hold four industry seminars during 2017.

Project group:

Project group at the Centre for Business History was:

The project group sketched out ICA’s core story on a Historical Fact Sheet, with verified facts from ICA’s historical archive, which is kept and managed at the Centre for Business History since 2000.

For each product we then enlisted:

For the ICAHUNDRA-magazine

Winner for best b2b-publication in the Swedish Design Awards 2017. Also nominated to Swedish Publishing Prize 2017.

  • Editors: Peder Edvinsson, Navi and Anders Landén, Oblong
  • Writers: Hanna Dunér, Oskar Hammarkrantz, Elisabeth Johansson and Sara Adelhult
  • Art direction and design: Johan Sandell, Monotude
  • Image editor and research by Margarita Feldman and Anna Zeuthen from the project gorup at the Centre for Business History.

Detta är första av fyra nummer och kom ut i januari 2017. Övriga tre kommer under 2017.


Winner for best information site (professional or industry) in Swedish Publishing Prize 2017

  • Web agency, Triggerfish with project team Therese Öberg (project manager) and Per Lisshamre (developer)
  • Art direction: Johan Sandell, Monotude
  • All content publishing and image editing by Mikaela Nordin from the project group at the Centre for Business History.


For the film “100 år med ICA”

  • Producer Rolf Wrangnert
  • Script: Anders Sjöman, Centre for Business History

For the historical region films:

ICA Sweden is today organized in six regions. For each region’s annual meeting in January 2017, a film with that region’s history was produced.

  • Production agency Creo, with project team Joel Grönberg (producer) and Angelina Håkansson (production manager)
  • Historical introduction and images from Anders Sjöman and Margarita Feldman rom the project team at the Centre for Business History.