The Dalén Museum and the Economy Museum
awarded the 2021 Business History Award

The Dalén Museum in Stenstorp and the Economy Museum in Stockholm share the 2021 Business History Award. The museums receive it for their successful public education about the role of enterprise and economy in the development of society. The award from the Centre for Business History comes with 100,000 SEK in prize money, shared by the recipients. The award will be handed out on 9 September 2021 at the annual History Marketing Summit.

The Business History award was established in 2019 by the Centre for Business History. The award goes to the person or persons who have made lasting efforts to highlight Swedish business history and show how Swedish companies contribute to societal development. The first recipient was the writer Anders Johnson. The award was paused for pandemic reasons in 2020 but now returns.

When the price is now awarded for the second time, it goes to the Dalén Museum and the Economy Museum. They were chosen this week by the award’s jury, after an open nomination period yielded a large number of candidates from academia, journalism, business, and institutions. The jury’s motivation was:
The Dalén Museum in Stenstorp and the Economy Museum in Stockholm share the Business History Award 2021 for their exemplary public education initiatives on the issue of Swedish business history. From widely differing conditions, they both offer their visitors perspectives and discussions about the role of enterprise and economy in the development of society. Through narratives that connect both past and present, locally and globally, these museums create curiosity in both old and young, about creativity, entrepreneurship and economy.

The recipients will receive the award on 9 September at annual History Marketing Summit in Stockholm. They will then give brief award-lectures.
” We are so amazingly happy to receive this great award, that came just when we were about to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The interest in Gustaf Dalén’s life’s work and touching life story continues to be just as engaging and inspiring as it has always been. This award encourages us in our work, that is largely conducted on a non-profit basis”, says Mikael Hildingsson, chairman of the Gustaf Dalén Society, which runs the Dalén Museum.
“We are very proud and happy to receive the Business History Award. It boosts our power and gives energy as we continue our work on teaching economics, in a way where history, today and the future all are included “, says Cecilia von Heijne, museum director for the Economy Museum.

About Dalén Museum
The Dalén Museum, in the heart of western Sweden, is an experience museum, about the inventor Gustaf Dalén and the company AGA where he worked. The revolving light apparatus, the sun valve and the automatic mantle changer are just some of the things that made Nobel prize winner Gustaf Dalén famous all over the world. The museum is run by a non-profit association and was created in 1996 in the old courthouse next to the railway station in Stenstorp, Gustaf Dalén’s birthplace.
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About the Economy Museum
The Economy Museum-The Royal Coin Cabinet is a place for economic learning, which highlights objects and economic themes to inspire and arouse curiosity about the role of economics in history and in our lives today. The museum’s collections contain 650,000 objects, (coins, banknotes, medals, and other objects) that tell about economics and trade, about history and culture. The museum is a part of the National Historical Museums.
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About Centre for Business History
The Centre for Business History, that gives out the Business History Award, is one of the world’s leading business archives. Since 1974, we have been helping companies take care of their historical material in professional archive-solutions, both physical and digital. Companies are also offered support in actively using their history as a strategic asset, a practice often referred to as history marketing. In addition, the Centre for Business History, through its research secretariat, conducts independent research and initiates projects in interdisciplinary collaboration. The Center for Business History’s principal is a non-profit association, and the commercial services are offered through a wholly owned service company.
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Om Dalénmuseet

Dalénmuseet, i hjärtat av Västsverige, är ett upplevelsemuseum över uppfinnaren Gustaf Dalén och företaget AGA där han arbetade. Klippapparaten, solventilen och glödnätsbytaren är bara en del av vad som gjorde Nobelpristagaren Gustaf Dalén berömd över hela världen. Museet drivs av en ideell förening och startades 1996 i det gamla tingshuset intill järnvägsstationen i Stenstorp, Gustaf Daléns födelseort.

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Om Ekonomiska museet

Ekonomiska museet – Kungliga myntkabinettet är en plats för ekonomiskt lärande, som lyfter fram föremål och ekonomiska teman för att inspirera och väcka nyfikenhet kring ekonomins roll i historien och i våra liv idag. I museets samlingar finns 650 000 föremål – mynt, sedlar, medaljer och andra föremål – som kan berätta om ekonomi och handel, om historia och kultur. Museet ingår i Statens historiska museer.

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Om Centrum för Näringslivshistoria

Centrum för Näringslivshistoria, som instiftat Näringslivshistoriska priset, är ett av världens ledande näringslivsarkiv. Sedan 1974 hjälper man företag att ta hand om sitt historiska material i professionella arkivlösningar, fysiska och digitala. Företag erbjuds även stöd i att aktivt använda sin historia som en strategisk och affärsstödjande tillgång. Dessutom bedriver Centrum för Näringslivshistoria, via sitt forskningssekretariat, oberoende forskning och initierar projekt i tvärvetenskaplig samverkan. Centrum för Näringslivshistorias huvudman är en ideell förening och de kommersiella tjänsterna erbjuds via ett helägt servicebolag.

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