New book about the origins of Absolut: The Vodka King

In the latest publication from our own Business History Publishing, “Brännvinskungen – berättelsen om LO Smith” (or “The Vodka King” in loose translation), we get the story both of a fascinating entrepreneur and of a riviting time in Swedish politics. It shows that LO Smith is so much more than just the face on the seal of the Absolut Vodka-bottle.

The poor boy Lars Olsson made his own success and became known as one of Sweden’s most debatable people, under the name of LO Smith. He was a vodka king, but also a champion of workers’ rights, a member of parliament, a globetrotter and one of Swedens’ richest men. His public life was a roller coaster of grand successes and scornful losses. So was his private life.

Pelle Berglund. (Foto: Lennart Sundberg)

Author Pelle Berglund has dug into the rich historical archives and has with the help of letters, diaries and other archive material been able to paint a portrait of a man that defies fiction

Project Group

”Brännvinskungen” is published by Business History Publishing and is a new, revised edition of Berglund’s book ”Kung Brännvin”, published 2008 on Prisma. Project group at the Centre for Business History in Stocholm was:

Patrik Sundström, PS Form, was hired for the book’s design.