Swedbank celebrates 200:
New podcast about the savings bank concept

In a new podcast, our savings bank expert and head of communication Anders Sjöman leads a series of conversations about people’s finances, the savings bank concept and Swedbank’s corporate history.

Listen to the podcast here (in Swedish)

How did people save money before there were banks, when did fund savings become common place – and what will tomorrow’s banks look like?

These, and many other issues, are covered in the new podcast “Framåt då. Framåt nu” (“Forward then, forward now). In six episodes, Anders Sjöman talks with invited guests from Swedbank about the financial development of Swedish banks and society – over 200 years. 

The podcast is made by us at the Centre for Business History on assignment from Swedbank. 

Listen to the first episode here (in Swedish):

Here is the full podcast series 

Vill du också använda ditt företags jubileum till affärsnytta? Här kan du läsa mer om hur strategiskt historiebruk bygger affärsvärde, det som vi även kallar history marketing. Eller hör av dig direkt till Anders Sjöman, kommunikationschef, på 070-717 60 78, anders.sjoman@naringslivshistoria.se.