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History Marketing Summit 2019

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Anders Sjöman from the Centre for Business History moderated the day. (Photo: Linus Sundahl-Djerf)

Our fourth History Marketing Summit took place 5 Sep 2019 in Stockholm. A new group of companies shared how they use their history as a strategic resource: Electrolux, Indiska, Mäklarsamfundet (Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents), Storytel, Zoégas, Kinnarps, Groth & Co, och Nation­wide Building Society from the UK. Also, business writer Anders Johnson recieved the first ever Buiness History Award and gave an award lecture.

Just like for HMS16, HMS17 and HMS18, we filmed all the presentations. Watch them here, they are 20-25 min long.

Karin Lindahl: This is how Indiska uses its heritage 

She was hired as a management consultant by struggling clothing retailer Indiska. She ended up buying the company. Where others saw a failing old brand, she saw the strength of a long history. Karin Lindahl, CEO and owner of Indiska shares how she dared take the leap and her views on the strength (and curse!) of a strong heritage. 

Martin von Arronet: Thi is how Electrolux uses its history.

In 2019, Electrolux turns 100. For a century now, the white-goods giant has kept itself relevant at every time – and this by always developing the living environment of its customers. Martin von Arronet, head of communication at Electrolux, shares how the company uses its heritage to support its future plans. He also shares his “Top 10 Tips for a Successful Corporate Anniversary”.

The restituted Den Maria Zoéga, with research Anja Petersen from Dunkers Kultur­hus and Sofia Anderhall from Zoégas.

Forgive us, Maria!” said ads from Zoégas in the fall of 2018. The coffee maker’s origin story had until then focused on her husband’s (brief) contribution to the company’s start. Anja Petersen, the researcher who rediscovered Maria, and Sofia Anderhall from Zoégas’ marketing department explain how they restored Maria to her rightful place in the company’s history. A panel led by Anders Houltz, head of resarch at the Centre for Business History.

Sara Kinsey: This is how Nationwide Building Society uses its heritage

Mutual financial institution Nationwide Building Society has for 175 years helped people in the UK to finance their living. All decisions the company makes today are based on seven principles that are derived from the organization’s history. And for each major venture, the question “What would Mr Cooper, our founder, think?” is asked. Sara Kinsey, head of historical archives, explained how this works – and showed poetic storytelling about mortgages.

Sibylla Jacobsson: This is how we use our history at Kinnarps.

Evy and Jarl Andersson founded the office furniture company Kinnarps over 75 years ago. Sibylla Jacobsson, their daughter and the company’s chair, shared how their heritage is kept up to day and inspiring for today’s 2 300 employees.

Storytel: A young company – with a century-old history.

A few years ago, audio book company Storytel (founded 2005) acquired Norstedts (founded 1823), Sweden’s oldest book publishing company. How do you balance old and new, tradition and innovation, in the same group, all while keeping your eyes on the target of growing the book market? Storytel’s chair Rustan Panday explains how. 

Groth & Co: This is how we celebrated 150 years!

Groth & Co was founded in 1869, making it Scandinavia’s oldest IP law firm. When the firm in 2019 turned 150 years, it wanted to celebrate – but how do you make patents for light bulbs and milk separators relevant today? And how can you make a big impact with your history when you are a small player? Mats Lundberg, CEO and Viktor Backemar, head of marketing, explained how they worked with the anniversary, in a fireside chat led by Anders Houltz, head of research at the Centre for Business History.

Joakim Lusensky: Ho we use our history at Mäklarsamfundet (Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents)

By the end of the First World War, a hot housing market attracted many rogue types to call themselves “brokers”. An industry organization was created to protect the profession and pursue good real estate practices – and it has done so for now 100 years. Joakim Lusensky, Head of Communications and Analysis at the Association of Swedish Real Estate Agents, shares how the association is using its anniversary to continue to develop both the profession and the industry.

Anders Johnson: This is how business history is described in media and popular culture

How is the Swedish business history portrayed in books, films and media? What types of companies, industries, people, phenomena are usually noticed – and which ones are usually omitted? Business historian and writer Anders Johnson should know, having written close to 150 books on Swedish business history. At the History Marketing Summit 2019, he gave his views on the matter. As this year’s recipient of the 2019 Business History Prize this was also his award-lecture.

Anders Sjöman: About history marketing and strategic uses of history

A company’s history builds brand, empowers employees and supports change. Not bad for an asset created almost automatically, as an effect of running a business. Anders Sjöman, head of communications at the Center for Business History, told us more about business-supporting uses of history – or history marketing – in this introduction to the History Marketing Summit 2019, a full day on strategic history use.

Pictures from HMS19. (Photo: Linus Sundahl-Djerf)

From HMS19, 5 Sep 2019. (Photo: Linus Sundahl Djerf)

From HMS19, 5 Sep 2019. (Photo: Linus Sundahl Djerf)

From HMS19, 5 Sep 2019. (Photo: Linus Sundahl Djerf)

From HMS19, 5 Sep 2019. (Photo: Linus Sundahl Djerf)

From HMS19, 5 Sep 2019. (Photo: Linus Sundahl Djerf)