The history of Södra now online

Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, Södra Skogsägarföreningen, celebrates its 80 years by telling its history on a web site. We produced all the content.

Since the start in 1938, Södra has worked to improve the lifes of forest farmers. Today, Södra is Sweden’s largest forest-owner association with over 50,000 members. Södra is also an international forest industry group, with operations based on processing its members’ forest products.

A new historica website, Södrahistorien (available in Swedish only) tells the full story of the association’s developmend from small-scale forest farming until today’s international industry group.  But Södra’s history is not just about forestry and industry – it’s also about the dedication of individual forest owners and the strength of a membership organization.

The Centre for Business History researched and produced text and images. A number of movies from 1938 and forward are also available.

Project team

The project team at the Centre for Business History was:

Project manager at Södra was Christina Wennberg, with Henrik Björnsson as image editor and Fredric Thörnqvist as web manager.  The site was built by Sigma IT and designed by the web agency wellhello.