New publication:
“Om och om igen”

Svenska Retursystem, SRS, started through a unique collaboration between the largest players in the food industry. In a new publication that they commissioned us to do, we tell the company’s history.

Svenska Retursystem (SRS; and “Swedish Return System” in loose translation) was founded in 1997 to make the food industry’s flows of goods more efficient and climate-smart – with a focus on its delivery containers. With boxes and pallets in recyclable plastic, the founders created an efficient and sustainable product flows in a cycle between producers, wholesalers, shops and restaurants. The solutions have been refined and developed step by step over the years – but the basic approach is the same today as at the start. This means that SRS can say with credibility that the circular economy is really in the company’s DNA.

To mark their 25 years in the industry, the company asked us to produce the publication “Om och om igen” (loosely, “Over and Over Again”), where some of the company’s past and previous employees share their insights about the business.

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