100 years of music history:
We wrote the history of Stim

Stim was founded in 1923 to ensure that music creators receive financial compensation for their music. In centennial anniversary publication, based on a concept and texts from us at the Centre for Business History,  Stim shares a unique insight into both the development of the music landscape and Stim’s work.

Collection society Stim enables music to be played in ways that allow music creators to get paid. The organization operates on the basis of the Swedish Copyright Act and has worked for the interests of music creators ever since its inception in 1923. However, a lot has changed over the years – the music itself of course, but also how it is played and used, and how Stim sets up contracts and enable payment flows from users to music creators.

Before the 100th anniversary, the Center for Business History was commissioned to tell the story by making a number of cuts in the history that both describe the music landscape and what Stim’s work looked like. In addition, some of the most popular hit songs of the time are quoted. The result was a number of texts and images, which were first compiled in a commemorative publication and are now also available to read online.

Read Stim’s 100-year history online (in Swedish)

Download “Stim – 100 years of music history” as a pdf (in Swedish)


Stim 100 år – jubileumsmagasin.

Project team at Centre for Business History in Stockholm