Professor Håkan Lindgren receives
Business History Award 2022


Professor Håkan Lindgren receives the Business History Award 2022 for his many years as a leading business historian and academic institution builder. The award from the Centre for Business History comes with a prize sum of SEK 100,000. The award will be presented at a ceremony later this fall.

The Business History Award is awarded by us at the Centre for Business History to the individual or group who have made lasting efforts to promote Swedish business history and demonstrate the contribution of Swedish companies to the common social construction. The first recipient in 2019 was writer Anders Johnson, and last year the Dalén Museum and the Economic Museum shared the award.

When the prize is now awarded for the third time, it goes to Håkan Lindgren, professor emeritus at both Stockholm School of Economics and Uppsala University. The jury’s motivation (in translation) reads:

Professor Håkan Lindgren receives the award for his contributions nationally and internationally as a leading business historian for more than five decades, manifested in an impressive series of influential books and articles across broad subject areas, but also through supervision of a large number of essays and doctoral theses. Lindgren’s contribution to theory and method development within the subject is significant and unique among Swedish business historians. More than perhaps any other active historian today, Håkan Lindgren has contributed to shaping the business history research field in the country.

Lennart Francke, chairman of the jury for the Business History Prize, commented on the choice: “Håkan Lindgren is a trailblazer in the economic and business history research field. When the award now receives its first academic researcher as recipient, he is a more than worthy recipient. The number of nominations that Håkan received during the nomination process indicates that many will agree with us in our choice.

Håkan Lindgren will receive the award at a ceremony later this fall, when he will also give the now traditional prize winner’s lecture.

When the award was announced to me, at first the surprise effect was total. The next wave of emotions consisted of joy, but after that a lasting feeling of humility dominates: namely, there are many students, doctoral students and colleagues who have contributed over the years and now share the award with me,” says Håkan Lindgren.

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