We have five nominations
for the Publishing Prize 2019

We have five nominations for the Publishing Prize 2019. Our own web site BizStories, three corporate books and SF Studio’s jubilee site are on the fine list. Winners will be announced on 5 November.

The Publishing Prize was founded in 1990 and is an annual jury-based competition for “laudable editorial communication and market communication”. The jury consists of professionally active communicators, such as photographers, graphical designers, film producers, journalists and editors.

We look forward to the award ceremony at historical restaurant and theater venue Berns in Stockholm! By the way, Berns’ historical archive is kept with us at the Centre for Business History.

Our nominated work:

Category: Business history in book form

Shape living for the better: The first 100 years of Electrolux

by assignment from Electrolux.

This year, it’s 100 years since Electrolux was founded by famed business man Axel Wenner-Gren. Since then, the company has developed into an international group, leading in its field. This history is told in a richly illustrated book about the company’s long history.

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Category: Operational presentations

For a childhood free of violence
for the World Childhood Foundation.

A book about the 20 years that Childhood have worked to give children a safer and more loving childhood, free of violence. The book presents some of the many projects that have received support – and Queen Silvia shares the story of why she founded the organization.

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Category: Non-fiction books

Made in Sweden

What does Abba, Billy the book case and the zigzag rule have in common? They all come from Sweden and have taken the world by storm. Made in Sweden is the book about Sweden’s many export successes.

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Category: Campaign Sites

SF Studios 100 years.com
for SF Studios.

SF Studios’ history is impressive: over 1,000 film productions, numerous Oscars and some of the most talked about titles in movie history. All this, and much more, is presented on a jubilee website where readers can learn more about the company’s history, and learn more about why Sweden’s top film talent always have made SF Studios their first (and often only) home.

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Category: Online Magazines


BizStories.se is a web magazine about Swedish business history. It lets its readers discover the fascinating stories behind corporate successes (and failures) and meet the entrepreneurs who made it all happen.

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