History marketing – Using history as a corporate strategic asset

History marketing – Using history as a corporate strategic asset

AUTHOR Anders Sjöman
ISBN 978-91-988167-9-2
TYPE Flex band
PAGES  192

Every organization has a unique history. Put to proper use, it becomes a strategic asset that companies can leverage for future growth.

Because a company’s history fills its brand with meaning and energizes its communication. It strengthens the organization’s identity and propels everyone in it forward. Knowledge of what happened in the past even helps organizations face today’s changes and risks. Not bad for an asset that is all too often regarded as a simple side effect of a company’s ordinary business.

This book shows the business energy that can be unleashed through an active use of a company’s own heritage – or history marketing. It is a book for business leaders, marketers, communicators, legal counsels, HR managers, and all entrepreneurs who wonder how the past can be used to create value for their particular company.

(Also available in Swedish.)

Others say about the book:
  • This book shows how corporate history can create commercial value. A mustread for communicators and brand managers.
    Martin von Arronet, SVP Corporate Communication Electrolux
  • This trailblazing book is essential reading for putting the most precious but also most underestimated asset in businesses to use.
    Alexander L. Bieri, chairman Section on Business Archives ICA and curator The Roche Historical Collection and Archive
  • This is the book I always wanted to write on heritage and brand based marketing! After shepherding the heritage of The Coca- Cola Company and Ford Motor Company for nearly 30 years, it’s great to see the principles that we employed every day spelled out in such a well thought out but conversational manner.
    Ted Ryan, Archives and Heritage Brand Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • Brilliantly unveils the immense potential embedded in a company’s history and its heritage. Beneath the layers of time lies a strategic asset waiting to reshape the destiny of any company.
    Vrunda Pathare, head of Godrej Archives
  • Corporate history now has a playbook. This important, engaging book is a must-read for leaders looking to leverage their company history to advantage.
    Paul Lasewicz, firm archivist, McKinsey & Company
  • The ABSOLUTly perfect guide to till history marketing.
    Lovisa Kragerud, Corporate Archivist & Chief Storyteller, The Absolut Company